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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 10, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. mike, raring to go? >> you came through the fog and came out on or side and you are with us. we have less than quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay and san carlos and half mile in mountain view. one in napa.
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one and a quarter-mile in santa rosa. the marine layer is at 1,200 feet but emeryville you can barely see if anyone won the mega lotteries. this afternoon is 75 to 80 and above average 60 for 66 with clouds at the coast and still up to 85 for a high. am done smith returns to the active roster after nine game suspension but could be hit with unprecedented situation of having to pay the team to play. nick is at levi stadium. this is what it comes down to: he may have to forfeit the signing bonus because of the suspension. the linebacker is away from
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running from a nine-game suspension he received from violations of personal must conduct and substance abuse policy. according to espn he will have to pay to play. smith is still playing on the $14.4 million contract he signed with the 49ers arrest being picked in the 2011 draft but was due $1.9 million for the 2014 season but because of the suspension he forfeited half of that money leaving him a nest $520,000. that means he owes the 49ers $1.18 million from rated signing bonus for the season and what he makes will not cover the difference so the team takes another $661,000 after this season. this is disagreements among the smith camp and the nfl whether he completed the counseling he was ordered to do. either way he will be back in
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time to face off against the jayantss. developing news police in the east bay are vetoing after the body of a 20-year-old was found at a frat house at uc berkeley at the home of the zeta psi fraternity yesterday. authorities say he was not a fraternity member or a uc berkeley student just one of many would showed up at the party at the frat house. the death is being treated at "suspicious," until proven otherwise. amy hollyfield has more in 30 minutes. san francisco police chief suhr will respond to an officer involved shooting that left a suspect in critical condition. it happened at 8:00 people on thursday on connecticut and 25th. the officer spotted five men behaving suspiciously. they got out of the car four of the men ran and another pulled a
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handgun. an officer fired on the suspect when he refused to drop the gun. he was found in possession of methamphetamine and heroin with the four others detained. animal activists are calling for change after new details come to light of the death of a baby gorilla. the door that killed the gorilla had a shut off but workers did not get to it fast enough and the 16-month-old died when she darted under the door. the local activists say the doors need sensors. >> they need a correction not only in san francisco zoo but every zoo around the country that has automatic closing so someone can monitor. the san francisco zoo has not responded to our request for comment. san francisco police are expected to talk of the search for a technical worker missing new for a week and a half.
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26-year-old dan ha was last seen leaving his apartment in the south of market neighborhood halloween. the family and friends put up thousand of fliers and are offer ing reward for information leading to ha. >> he is a really good son. he is a good person m friday night is the last time he used the phone which is usual. he is pretty active and wired in. >> he went home sick from work october 30 and never showed up on friday and told his boss he had a migraine. >> massive air from the north pushes through canada to the united states and before it is done it will put 42 of the 50
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states in a deep freeze. >> this is not what people are used to in early november. the plains are looking at temperatures around ten degrees. a bad start to the work week. >> frigid air is barreling into the united states sending temperatures plunging. snow fell in bismark, north dakota. in wisconsin and minnesota a foot of snow is expected, salt trucks and blues are standing by >> salt ready to go. >> temperatures are will stay below 30, homeless shelters are filling. >> we have one room. we will be full tomorrow morning. >> in kick, signs of the fast approaching holiday season. and the winter storm.
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>> the polar very next of we are not ready. >> this is not the polar vortex but a dip in the jet stream. one of the most powerful storms ever recorded how miles wide battered the pushed the jet stream over the eastern part of the united states. forecasters say this week many places will struggle to top the freezing mark making november feel more like january. >> energy markets are capitalizing with natural gas prices soaring and it is not winter yet. as is the case we have a story of two coasts: we have great weather. >> we do. we will look at what is going to
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happen on tuesday, you can see the heavier cold air oozing down the high plains and right into the deep south. they have had snow in greenville, south carolina, and charlotte november 1 which is wickedly unusual and now they have temperatures 25 degrees below zero that could kill the growing season. >> 680 southbound into the san ramon valley is one of the few places withouting for. downtown is shrouded with low clouds. the only place without fog is east bay valley. up to 72 at noon with clouds at coast. cool at the coast at 60 and 70 inland.
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cooler on wednesday, and get ready for wet weather and possibly a healthy storm on tuesday. >> ace trains run and three are on time and 39 trains rolling. we saw attenuators on the golden gate bridge and this is where you want to be careful because with the construction crews and the heavying for that could spell disaster with clear conditions and everyone is mind their speed. westbound 80 we had construction and it is now cleared but we are still seeing delays pulling away from the cordelia interchange and to the south westbound highway 4 railroad avenue an accident possibly overturned vehicle with delays building law antioch as you push to hillcrest and then this accident. there are serious new
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questions about when g.m. knew of the ignition switch problem. the raiders casting doubts the raiders casting doubts on a team move to you have made my life special by being apart of it.enough.
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covering san ramon and benicia and all the bay area this is abc7 abc7 news. >> you can see the fog out there with cool temperatures. they have been warming up nicely. will they warm up again? meteorologist mike nicco will let you know. >> sent feinstein is questioning where san francisco is headed and not backing mayor lee's re-election bid. just yet. the senator is concerned of the high-tech industry transforming or in some cases eliminating neighborhoods. the senator is against airbnb short style rent ams raising the cost of housing. 18,000 nurses in northern california will walk off the
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job. at issue is what they consider a lack of optimal protection against the ebola virus. >> strike by the california nurse's association will affect 25,000 nurses and hospitals. some procedures and appointments could be rescheduled. >> the strike comes as hospitals and clinics demand higher ebola virus standards and better precautions. >> isolation if a maine nurse who battled officials over her quarantine after returning from west africa treating parents is over, today is the 21st day since the last exposure to ebola patient and tomorrow she will no longer be required to have daily monitoring and kaci hickox said she will not back away from the debate over treatment of health care workers saying she is concerned the wrong people, like politicians, are leading the debate and making the decisions. damming new details are emamericanning in the g.m.
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ignition switch re-recall. here is america's money report. good morning, general motors may have known of the ignition switch defect earlier than admitting and the "wall street journal" reports they ordered replacement switches two months before it notified the government of the problem. "big hero," was tops taking "big hero," was tops taking in $56348 -- up to create a new soda and being tested on college campuses >> former high ranking raiders executive has these wores for the chances of the team moving to stone: not gonna happy. the former c.e.o. said it would be very, very remarkable if they
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moved to next. san antonio leaders met with raiders owner and the raiders can leave oakland without penalty after the lease expires at end of season and many believe they using san antonio for better leverage against the current stadium. >> 49ers needed a win and because of the 4th quarter pass on 4th down...the 49ers beat the saints in overtime! beat the saints in overtime! phil kicked a >> with that weird cub.
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>> when jimmy graham call the hail mary i sat there and went be not again because the week before he lost on the goal line and i thought, how will they lose this, penalty and all the flags were flying in. pretty good push off. we have good call over the weekend but the air quality yesterday wasn't very good. >> we had "spare the air", the first of the winter season and today is better with the wind and we get rain here by thursday and we will be doing fine. >> half mile in napa, up to two miles in santa roar and 2 1/2 in oakland and less than a quarter-mile in half moon bay. the fog is filling the peninsula at quarter-mile down to san jose at at 1.75
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live doppler hd shows low clouds along the coast and obviously not dropping any form of rain right now and this area of low-to-upper looks pretty impressive and it is this close but it will take a couple of days for the wet weather to get here so wednesday night into thursday is going to be the best best. temperatures through the napa valley, american canyon and napa at 53. 51 in san rafael. most of 101 corridor in the mid-to-upper 40's with bodega bay at 53 and you are more like can saturday lows and upper 40's at san jose and fairfield. cloud cover is taking over downtown right now were coastal clouds and cool and sunny and warm around the bay and inland and showers and cooler everywhere, thursday, and this
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will hit all of us, keep our fingers crossed. from 74 in milpitas to santa clara to 78 in gilroy and 66 in santa cruz and mid-60's may not happen in napa and it could change to the lower 60's. >> low-to-mid 70's along the coast to upper 60 and 70 in south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley and mid-70s along the east bay shore and upper 70s to nearly 80 throughout our inland neighborhood with the cloud cover affecting all of us and increasing to the evening and early overnight there is the rain starting to come in at 1:00 o'clock across the north bay so it will be a morning event and also going to come in, in two seconds, so we will have rain on thursday afternoon and beyond
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that it will be dry and temperatures are close to average. >> and traveling here northbound 101 that is where you will find it, be careful if you are making it up to 116 and south direction all of this is colored in orange an indication of where the fog could affect the commute and through novato to lucas we are at top speeds. and clear conditions pushing to the north bay. the fog is creeping in over the san mateo bridge. we have decent visibility but it is getting thicker from hayward to foster city with the drive taking you nine minutes. 580 is building at 39 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway four is thick from hillcroft, antioch to concord and the fog is slowing down on 101.
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straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> a cancer survivor gets a thrill of a lifetime from garth brooks and she gave him a renewed sense of faith. >> and it is foggy headed into super bowl and you can keep tabs open weather and traffic so you open weather and traffic so you do not miss a
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one person says it wasn't that disgusting. that's "america's money." i'm t.j. holmes.
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new and improved i can't believe it's not butter! 100% taste, 0% artificial preservatives. made with a blend of delicious oils, purified water, and just a pinch of salt. two, please. new and improved i can't believe it's not butter. it's time to believe. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door 15 things to know: police are investigating the death of a young man found dead at a zeta psi fraternity around noon yesterday. he was not a fraternity member or a cal student. >> safe measures at the san francisco zoo are getting
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another look at the death of the youngest gorilla. the 16-month-old gorilla was killed when she darted under a closing door that had a manual shut off switch but workers did not get to it fast enough. the final round of ballot counting in the san jose mayoral race is underway. they will be counted after the mail-in ballots were fished. sam liccardo leads dave cortese by 3,500 votes. >> 49ers linebacker aldon smith will be re-instated today after the nine game suspension but he could be laying for free according to espn. he owes the 49ers more money than he will make because he must pay back the portion of the signing bonus after trouble off the field. >> arctic air plunges the united states 20 to 30 degrees below average and 40 states are impacted.
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only the southwest and hawaii and alaska and south florida will escape the grip. good morning, everyone, here is live doppler hd with visibility showing dense fog for monday morning. rain is ahead. details ahead. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, a foggy commute and very low visibility on many roadways with a brave crash in fremont with the details coming up. a surprise visit and rinse harry joined troops in afghanistan to mark remembrance day giving a reading and laid a wreath in kandahar and troops. 450 british soldiers have been killed during the 13 year fight against the taliban. the last troops are seconded to eleven the country by the end of the year and prince
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was a secret physical he was out of afghanistan. >> a woman fighting cancer went to garth brooks concert and he played her favorite," the dance ," and she said keep me this morning, garth tonight and stole the show. look. >> god knew there would never be any doubt. god just stuck his hand out he said you have everyone straight and you go kick cancer in the [ blank ].
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his mother and sister decided of cancer. the sing are gave her a guitar and a memory she will always have. >> and strength. coming pack with another full 90 minutes of news. president obama delivers overnight remarks to who's who list of world leaders but it is what he wore after the speech that is getting the attention. and the embarcadero in san francisco is keeping you up to date with traffic and weather just keep your eye on the just keep your eye on the sc
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happy monday. hopefully you got outside a little bit even with the
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football action. it was is nice. >> the second half of the raiders game it was time to go outside and some of my neighbors said the same. we have a lot of fog. the only area not with fog is the east bay hims and valleys. check out the san mateo bridge this morning. temperatures today are running in the home 60's along the coast and home 70's around the bay. >> it is thicker so that means the possibility of accidents. we have an accident with not much fog and this is in fremont if you are traveling northbound 880 at the parkway you will find a motorcycle crash. it is on the shoulder. c.h.p. and emergency crews are headed out there. southbound slowing, to budget. police are investigating the death of a 20-year-old man at a frat house at uc berkeley and it is called "suspicious." amy hollyfield is in berkeley with the story. matt, police could release
5:31 am
the name of the victim today. he was not a member of the fraternity or a student at berkeley. we do have pictures from inside the zeta psi fraternity taken after the party courtesy of berkeley blog that got the pictures. plastic cups are scattered throughout the downstairs and the victim was found upstairs and according to zeta psi fraternity, vomit was found around man's meth and drugs are chill are not ruled out. they are investigating what happened. >> it wasn't a student but, still, the fact that someone dies so close to center of campus is devastating. family members refused to comment. the zeta psi fraternity is saying "no comment." this is not the only fraternity under investigation at cal with three others the focus of sexual assault allegations this year.
5:32 am
zeta psi fraternity is not officially recognized as a fraternity by cal. thank you, we have highlighted the growing problem of binge drinking with so many getting so drunk they had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics. the number of calls is up over the past few years because students are urged to call sunday sunday -- 9-1-1. >> part of ballot count for mayor is over but mail-in ballots for santa clara were finished over the weekend and sam liccardo is retaining the 3,500 vote lead over supervisor dave cortese. the 14,000 provisional ballots will be countried ballots set aside for elgible tests with
5:33 am
liccardo saying he is the winner although cortese has not conceded. investigators with the f.a.a. will be at the seen of a deadly plane crash at highway 152. there was a single engine cessna discovered which went down saturday night. this is a photo provided by the sheriff. the pilot and a passenger were killed. the sheriff says the planes with traveling to watsonville. >> we have more video of the wrong-way crash on the bay bridge with investigators saying 32-year-old karrie lyn morgan was driving westbound in the eastbound lane and went a mill before hitting three oncoming cars east of treasure island and one driver was seriously sure. she was treated for minor injuries. she was high on drugs. she faces felony d.u.i. and drug
5:34 am
possess charges. she was driving without a license. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is facing a $140,000 bill for damage to muni vehicles the night the giants won the world series. crowds gathered on mission street october 29. 28 muni vehicles were vandalized including a new hybrid bus. the acknowledge -- agency it was nowhere near the 2012 world series win. they halted some serious and repair crews were on happened to replace windows and paint over graffiti when the damaged vehicles rolled in. two sisters accused of abusing children are due in court. the two sisters are charged with four history and three physical any counts of child abuse and neglect and swallow -- swad
5:35 am
telling -- swaddling the babies so tightly they could not breathe properly. they will be in courage today. >> two san francisco police officers are charged with stealing money and drugs from people living in hotels during a corruption probe. they stole money from suspects at hotels. the two officers pleaded not guilty, while a former officer has pleaded guilty and plans to testify against the others at trial. president obama is opening a three country tour of the asian pacific region with a stop in china and arrived in beijing this morning where he spoke at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit and announced an, spank to the china visa program from one year to five years for students and 10 years for business people and tourists
5:36 am
and said china does not need to be conditioned about united states interests in asia. >> we welcome a prosperous and peaceful and stable china. recently the united states has worked to help integrate china into the global economy. not only because it is in china's best interest but because it is in member's best interest and the woman's best interest. if china and the united states can work together the world benefits. >> the president will meet with chinese president we before chinese president we before flying to purple jacket over silk >> two americans are back with their families this morning
5:37 am
after doing time in a north korean prison. one of men, kenneth spiller could arrive this morning in bakersfield taken after north korea said he entered illegally and asked for asylem. the other american, kenneth bae was sentenceed to 15 areas of hard labor. both were released after last minute trip to north korea by the united states director of national intelligence. >> veterans day is being marked tomorrow to help students who served in the military. though will bring services veterans returning from iraq and afghanistan. happening today the city of san francisco is honoring veterans at two events including celebrating a new permanent home celebrating a new permanent home for 1neither
5:38 am
this morning at look, the san francisco veterans administration medical center will host the veterans day sermon happening in the auditorium. ought weather should be pleasant today. mike? >> no worries. we will have rain. but it will not come until thursday. we have issues this morning. across the golden gate bridge you can see visibility is quarter-mile as cars are coming southbound from the north bay. 45 in woodside and low-to-mid 40's everywhere and 50 ated with redwood city and san bruno is 56 and headed into san francisco or hayward you are at 54. mountain view and fremont at 55 and 48 in san jose and 49 in los gatos. 49 in concord. 52 in antioch.
5:39 am
45 in santa rosa. from the exploritorium, the bay bridge should be here. it is socked in with clouds. be careful. dumbarton bridge may not be so foggy. the bay bridge and san mateo and golden gate bridge all socked in this morning. up to 66 from the coast to bay by noon. 72 inland with the most sunshine. up to 68 coast to bay by 4:00, and 76 inland and mid-50's to low 60's with fog returning at 7:00. the bay bridge toll plaza and busy in albany. the bay bridge shows traffic is heavy at the toll plaza and building. metering lits are not turned on. we have a h.d. issuing for advisory. it is foggy. use low beams.
5:40 am
be slow. we have multiple vehicle crash law albany westbound 80 with five vehicles involved in two separate accidents blocking one or two lanes with delays from the hoffman split. to the north, c.h.p. has issuing for advisoryies for benicia bridge and it could be quite shake throughout the morning commute. you may know the laundry pods can be dangerous to children. not everyone is getting the message. the new push to keep kids safe. >> silicon valley moguls team up with hollywood celebrities to shine a light on the real stars a beautiful shot of the embarcadero and we have weather and traffic up through the
5:41 am
entire commercial break. stay tuned.
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. hope you had a great week for those commuting on the golden gate bridge here is a look at the traffic.
5:44 am
there is fog. we will check with mike and laying. the number of accidental poisonings because of detergent pods, poisonings are skyrocket ing because an average of a child a day or headed to the hospitals in 2012 and 2013 when though were widely available in the united states. researchers say cleaning products are the third leading time of poison in children under age 60. hollywood motion culls teamed up with scientists with celebrities sharing the red carpet with star s from google and facebook
5:45 am
for the protect through prize awards with a prize world $3 million, triple the cash a nobel prize winner received recognize life science, physics and advanced math. >> it celebrates the back room people would work in a less public domain. >> the break through prizes air open discovery and science channel next week. google is gobbling up so much real estate it could expand their workforce by 30,000. google is adding new space without filling the buildings it already has. ray industry insiders say they will hire 5,000 workers to the bay area for the next five years. google is said to be eyeing a one mill square foot campus on the grounds of the nasa research
5:46 am
center that could accommodate 5,000 workers. it feels like we were approaching 80 in the temperatures yesterday. that is what the car thermometer said. weather men love to hear how hot it was in the car. >> that is what you have as a forecast. you show them the official temperatures compare to the car temperature. good morning, everyone, at 5:46 right now. i will tell you abouting for. half moon bay in napa and 2.5 in oakland and quarter-mile in mountain view and less than quarter at half moon bay. you can see it is moving south because of a light northern wind. a swirling mass of air and clouds to the left side of the
5:47 am
screen is going to move north and on the door for less impressive looking area of low pressure that will be stronger as it heads to us and that is thursday's wet weather. still can't see most of the western span of the bay bridge because of the fog is watch out, willie brown is hard to see. coastal clouds and cool, sunny and warm and showers an cooler for all of thursday. we have mid-to-upper 70's throughout the south bay and 66 in santa cruz because of the cloud cover and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and 72 in redwood city and mid-60's loan the coast and upper 60's to nearly 70 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low 60's bodega bay and 25 degrees warmer with mid-to-upper 70's and the east bay shore we have temperatures in the mid-70's and
5:48 am
upper 70's to 80 in the e-bay neighborhoods with more of the cooling tomorrow with a thicker marine layer and climb over the hills so we will wake up to a lost cloud cover. here is wednesday morning with the clouds rolling ahead of the system as we head to the afternoon and wednesday is cooler but by midnight or 1:00 o'clock, that is when the steady rain is coming so it will be a morning event. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures dropping ten degrees by thursday and when the rain passes, the seasonal temperatures take over for the weekend. from emeryville the headlights pushing to berkeley, you can see the traffic is heavy and they are starting to show the fingers of fog over the freeway with visibility headed toward the macarthur maze and it will be
5:49 am
denser. in the same area, westbound at hill began we have a multiple vehicle crash involving five vehicles. with the lanes blocked we have delays pushing from richmond to the hoffman split. we are going over to our waze app and looking at a crash at intersection from 101 to 80 and we have a minor crash involving a motorcycle so we have at least one or two lanes blocked so expect some delays. try to avoid it and use the alternate routes. this is interesting story, a young man in china is waiting to hear back from a co-worker after professing his love. >> he has not heard he bought 99 brand new iphones to form a heart-shaped ring in the middle of the parking lot.
5:50 am
he works at a gaming company and used two years of savings to con soviets his -- confess his love. it is a pricey gesture at $82,000 on 99 iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. >> thank goodness that a good return policy. >> they do and he doesn't have to buy the data plan. >> parents are ready to pack lunches and you may want to give them money for the cafeteria instead. >> new problems for smart train construction in the north bay and some neighbors have had enough. >> a police cruiser erupts into flames with an officer trapped inside. taking you outside for a look at the golden gate bridge which is foggy. you can see the weather and
5:51 am
traffic throughout the entire commercial female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a brand new study suggests cafeteria moneys -- lunches are better than those prepared at home. the packed lunches have more calories, fat and sugar than school lurches. meals brought from home have less protein, fire and calcium. "good morning america" will have more on this study at 7:00 showing how far things have changed. i remember the cardboard pizza, cheese on cardboard.
5:54 am
>> exactly. very insulting to an italian to have that each day. and french fries. and the fruit cocktail which was leyla gulen's favorite. >> neither fruit or cocktail. freeze warning, around mount shasta because of cold front last night we had a record high 69 degrees yesterday at lake tahoe and 61 today and mid-to-upper 70 through the central valley. watch out for drizzle in los angeles. the record high is gone but temperatures are close to average on tuesday and wednesday and only rain on thursday in lake at 51 degrees. >> metering lights have been turned on and be careful. we have fog advisory. reduced visibility there. in san francisco we have an accident blocking the transition from 101 and 80 northbound side at 9th. we are starting to see heavy delays because of the motorcycle
5:55 am
accident. we have a multiple vehicle accident trying to get everything on the shoulder away from the hoffman split at gilman if you are traveling there expect to be on the brakes. novato residents are done with smart track construction and the noise. the rail transit crews are replacing track and upgrading the crossing. some living in the mobile home park say the six day a week ten hours a day is interrupting their lives. >> they bring huge steamrollers and cranes and they clang back-and-forth, back-and-forth clanging and the arms go off, the beep, beep, beep. >> neighbors have complained with in response. we reached out for comment but
5:56 am
we have yesterday to hear. drivers are saying, about time. the average gallon has dropped 13 cents in two weeks and 78 cents since may. the national average is $2.94 and in san francisco it is $3.27. lowest average is $2.65. the drop is driven by a decrease in the price of oil. a study finds kids who are overweight at 5th grade are more likely to remain obese after tracking 4,000 5th graders up to 10th grade. body size is fixed at normal, 80 percent of those stayed normal from 5th grade and chose obese stayed obese. it should start early in life to prevent obesity.
5:57 am
former san francisco senator feinstein has concerns over the re-election campaign of the mayor and the senator is not ready to back the mayor just yet. >> the g.m. recall of the ignition switch is raising questions showing they possibly delayed notifying the car owners of the problem. and the bay bridge toll plaza is already backed up and not looking so good so far. leyla gulen will have the leyla gulen will have the traffic in a
5:58 am
first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time.
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chase. so you can. at 6:00, pay to play, the reason 49ers star aldon smith is forking over cash to the team as he returns to the roster. >> activities -- local
6:00 am
react to the death of a baby gorilla at the zoo. >> winter is coming early to most of the country with a problem created coast to coast. >> but that is for leak what we have here. >> i feel cold but stepping outside year, sweating. >> especially working outside and exercising, it was a warm day with near record high temperatures and we are going to be warm again today with a mile and a half visibility and fog is the big story at santa rosa and quarter-mile in napa and quarter in mountain view and less than a quarter-mile at half moon bay so be careful. this is how it looks from the east bay hills, you can barely see the bay bridge but nothing over the east bay shoreline. 60 to 65 and cloudy at the coast and 75 around the bay. >> that mean as problem for the


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